It seems like Markisha loves the dramatics. She (seemingly) invited Vince to a bar that she was going to be at. He arrived and was about to make himself comfortable before Tee showed up and put a halt to it. Markisha introduces the two men to each other (Vince was actually a security guard for Boom) and the tension is very thick. Vince then asks Tee what he does for a living. Tee responds by telling him that he’s a local business owner and lets him know that Markisha is his lady. Once Vince leaves, Markisha tells him how excited it makes her when he stands up for her. Elsewhere, Jin gets Lenny to get her into the gambling spot he frequents. After no time at all, Henri approaches them and begins to spit game at Jin. Back in St. Louis, Meceh, Sterl, Keeya stake outside the Chinese spot that Meech had noticed earlier. When one of the kidnappers exits, they surround him outside of his car and tell him that he better tell them where Carter is. After he agrees, Meech lets him know that they believe in an eye for an eye. Sterl stabs his hand then Keeya (they called her Slugger because she was the only girl to play on their all male baseball team) starts to hit repeatedly with a baseball bat. In Detroit, Jin meets back up with Bryant to tell him what she had done with Henri. The two agree that Jin won’t go undercover alone anymore and that they next time she goes, she’ll call Bryant.Back in St. Louis, Carter returns home and Miss Esther is supremely thankful of Meech’s efforts. J-Pusha is happy that his brother is back but still wants revenge on the guys that did it. Meech assures him that they will no longer be a problem for him as long as he takes the bounties off of their heads. He then tells J-Pusha that he needs him to find him a house out there since he’ll be back and forth. Meech gets a call from Duffy informing him that the grand jury in Atlanta went away and the coast is clear for him to come back. Before he leaves, Meech spends his last time in St. Louis with Keeya, who explains a little more about her background and how she became a hustler (She got injured and couldn’t play softball anymore). In Detroit, Tee tells Hoop that they’ve officially flipped all of Henri’s clientele and they’re about to reach new heights. Meech returns to Atlanta to find out that the Red Dawgs are still tripping and Glock is the new king of ATL. Meech says that won’t be the case for much longer.