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Singer, producer and actress Kandi Burruss announced her Real Housewives departure on the Grammy’s red carpet earlier this year. She goes into more detail on the “Sherri” show. Watch the clip and read more inside.

Burruss accidentally blurted out that she would not be returning for the popular Bravo reality TV series, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s next season. The reality star and beloved entertainer is the longest running housewife of any franchise. Burruss came into the fold on Season 2 and kept her peach for 14 seasons straight.

Kandi talked about how she spilled the beans on the 2024 Grammy’s red carpet. She mentions speaking with an entertainment journalist, who’s a friend and someone she felt comfortable sharing this exclusive information with publicly.

“I’m not even gonna lie to you girl,” Kandi remembers telling the red carpet correspondent about leaving the show. “I’m not going back.”

“I just kinda blurted it out. Even though I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I feel like it was the best way and it let me leave on my own terms,” she continued.

Burruss said that announcing the news that way also forced her hand.

“And it made it so I couldn’t change my mind,” she continued on the Sherri show.  “I put it out there. It’s solid now. This is what I’m doing.”

Talk show host Sherri asked how Real Housewives franchise executive producer Andy Cohen felt about her departure.

“How did Andy take the news?” Shepherd asked. “You were the OG of Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Kandi responded that Andy called her with mixed feelings.

“Andy called saying ‘I don’t know how I feel about this,’” Kandi shared of their conversation.

Kandi revealed that she was emotional sharing the news with him and even got a bit teary eyed on the phone. She spoke about how it was especially emotional for her when Cohen mentioned her leaving on his radio show.

“I didn’t leave on a bad note,” Kandi assures Sherri of her relationship with Andy and the Real Housewives franchise. “We still have that [great] relationship.”

Well, surprise surprise! Congrats Kandi!

Check out a clip from the “Sherri” show below: