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The late, great Tina Turner once told CNN’s Larry King why she decided to take her talents to Europe in the 90s. This rare interview took place in 1997 where she discusses finding true super stardom from European countries, discovering love and owning her power as a true American feminist heroine. Watch a clip from Turner’s interview with King inside.

CNN shared a video of Turner’s 1997 interview with King after her death was announced yesterday (May 24). News of the 83 year old’s passing circulated the media as fans praised her for her major contributions to music. Turner died in her home in Switzerland, and it prompted many fans (including us) to wonder why she fled the States in the 90s.

King asked Miss Tina about her move to Europe and she answers candidly, “I have left America because my success was in another country.” She goes on to reveal that she also left with love in mind saying, “My boyfriend was in another country.”

With the success of her 1984 hit single “Private Dancer,” the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer confirmed that the record motivated her move.

“Private Dancer was the beginning of my success in Europe,” Turner added. “Europe has been very supportive of my music.”

King asked if she believed Europe supported her more than her own country to what she replied, “Yes, hugely.” The CNN host couldn’t fathom her success being bigger elsewhere saying, “But you’re a major star here. You’re a super star here in America.”

Turner quickly responded, “Not as big as Madonna. I’m as big as Madonna in Europe. Some places as big as the Rolling Stones.”

The beloved artist goes on to share that she had lived in England for a couple years before buying a house in South of France. Though she didn’t live there but commuted back and forth and found home in Zurich, Switzerland.

“Because my boyfriend moved there to run the company,” she noted of her boyfriend of 10 years at the time. “And I always wanted to go to Switzerland.”

Later on in the clip, King asks Turner if she realized she is a feminist heroine in her home country of America.

“I’m beginning to,” Turner answered about revealing her public battles with abuse with ex-husband Ike Turner. “It wasn’t something that I planned. I see it as kind of a gift.”

She also notes that, “if I had not, maybe my life wouldn’t be how it is.” That’s for sure.

Watch the clip from the interview here.