Gotta give it up to JoJo for putting a modern twist on her classic “Leave (Get Out)”! As much as well want to mess around right now is not the time and her lyrics to “Chill (Stay In)” fit the climate perfectly.

JoJo did a lil rework of her classic “Leave (Get Out)” and flipped the lyrics to fit society’s current social distancing status. She posted a preview of the mix to TikTok Wednesday night, calling it “Chill (Stay In)” but now the full-length version has arrived!

Watch “Chill (Stay In)” below:

What did you think of the song and the new lyrics? Have you been successfully social distancing so far or is it a struggle? JoJo is pretty inspiring jumping right into creative mode — how have you been spending your time since the quarantine started? Are you creating and catching up on your to-do list? Are you relaxing more? Are you staying active?

JoJo’s new album ‘good to know’ drops May 1st. Are you excited for new music from her? So far between this and “Man” it’s clear she’s on a mission to make her mark — do you think JoJo will make a strong comeback?