The coronavirus has brought on some stressful times resulting in businesses closing down, social distancing that could last for months, and people we know and love contracting the virus.

Our hearts go out.

With such social isolation, a wave of emotions can hit you, resulting in the burning need to cuddle up to something gentle, soft and dare I say it, erotic.

Feels like just the right time for R&B.

This past year was ripe with fresh voices in the genre that soothed, excited or even initiated the party. Whether you need slow jams from a shirtless tenor or soaring runs from a beautiful soprano, check out some R&B artists worth getting to know starting with Arin Ray below. Then hit the flip for more crooners you can cuddle up to during your most vulnerable quarantine moments.

It’s not like we can cuddle up to much else.

1. Arin Ray


If you need someone to sweet serenade you with romantic melodies and simple harmonies to melt the heart, Arin Ray is your guy. The former X Factor contestant went from being a promising teen talent to a sensual soul who will apparently leave you love letters around the house if the mood permits.

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