The only thing worse than the COVID-19 outbreak is the lack of information and the confusion surrounding that virus. Literally, no one knows for sure how to protect themselves or how to go on with their daily lives.  Even the government is having a hard time figuring out how to get this thing under control, hence the reason for social distancing, isolation and quarantining. So far, the global death toll passed 9,700; there were more than 230,000 confirmed cases. According to CDC:

In the U.S., deaths jumped to 154 across 22 states – including the first reported fatalities in Connecticut, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania. There were more than 10,750 confirmed cases, up from about 1,600 a week earlier, when there were 40 reported deaths.

Oh, and Italy surpassed China for the most deaths due to COVID-19.

Italy’s total of 3,405 includes an average of more than 350 deaths a day since March 15, according to World Health Organization data.The country has the world’s second-oldest population after Japan, and most of the dead are from its elderly population.

As for the young folks, reports say that it’s the young, middle-aged adults who are most susceptible to the virus in the United States. But not all the youth are shrugging the pandemic off like some kind of fluke. Some are taking things very seriously. Like 17-year old TikTok-er Shelby from Utah. Shelby started experiencing flu-like symptoms last week and was eventually approved by healthcare officials to take the Corona Test. She told Buzzfeed:

[The testing site] was only two miles from my house. We parked out front in a designated parking area and called the phone number they gave us over the phone. The person on the phone checked us in, and within 20 minutes they sent a nurse out to my car to administer the test.”

Shelby used her TikTok platform to show followers what it’s really like to be tested for COVID-19. Her video has already garnered over 15 million views.

“They did a throat swab. It was uncomfortable but not painful. Lastly, they did a ‘deep nose swab,’ which I was assuming would only be a couple of inches up my nose and a little uncomfortable. But, it ended up going down several inches, and it was painful. My eyes watered quite a bit, and it made me gag.”

18 hours later, she received her results back and they were negative. Thank you, Shelby, for your service.