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8 Of The Least Fattening Ways To Get Drunk With Low Calorie Beverages

With Summer just peeking around the corner, plenty of us are becoming more and more aware of what we’re consuming.  Some people cut out bread, others go green completely, and many have hopped on the trending #LowSugarChallenge. You may notice that even when changing you’re diet and watching what you’re eating, the goals for that banging Summer body seemed to remain the very distant future.  Well, it may be due the brunch mimosas with the girls or the cute date night cocktails.  That’s right, alcohol is quite high in sugar!

According to the CDC, as with calorically sweetened beverages, alcoholic beverages are a top contributor to caloric intake but provide few nutrients. The calories in alcohol are very empty calories, meaning there is basically zero nutritional value.  12 oz of craft beer can contain up to 350 calories!  The question is, do we really need to stop drinking to get in better shape? The answer is no. Since most of the carbs in cocktails come from the added juices with high sugar content, going with straight spirits is a leaner option. Much like food, it’s more about what you drink than how you drink.  If you want to take part in the low sugar challenge or just plain want to cut back on calories and carbs, here’s a list of the least fattening drinks that will still have you lit!

1. Vodka Soda – 110 cals per serving

2. Tequila Lime – 99 cals per serving

3. Dry White Wine – 123 cals per serving

4. Hard Seltzer – 99 cals per serving

5. Light Beer – 104 cals per serving

6. Gin and Diet Tonic – 128 cals per serving

7.Rum & Diet Coke – 135 cals per serving

8. Dry Martini – 185 cals per serving