The title of this track might be Don’t Cry, but I’m fairly certain Eleanor Kingston’s main goal for us was to become so emotionally invested with her organic storytelling that we drown in a puddle of our own tears instead. However what makes this different is that midway through we go from an evocative soundscape that emotionally ruins us, to a hyperpop anthem that encourages you to leap up off your bed and go out raving to make sure this rough patch doesn’t ruin your night. It’s an impressive feat because it doesn’t feel forced. Most electronic tracks that attempt this often feel like they’ve been pushed onto you when you just want to be wrapped up in your feels, here it feels like you’ve got a friend right by your side who’s guiding you through a rough time, letting you let the tears out but knows the best thing for you is a night of fun. Whilst the production is the standout of this single I do want to commend Kingston’s outstanding vocal performance. During the quieter moments you can feel her pain transcend onto you, as soon as the energy shifts though you get to hear her charisma shine through.

Whatever pain you’re going through where the world feels darker than it ever has before and you need a little bit of light to help you through it all, make sure it’s Eleanor Kingston’s latest drop. She’s hitting her stride and found that niche she fits perfectly in.