We all have that one person in our life that makes it feel like they put the sun in the sky just for us. When Annika Bennett lost this person she believed the world would crumble around her, like her feet weren’t touching the ground and she was instead floating away to proverbial lands of space with no one around noticing, instead remaining quiet as she tried to heal herself. That’s why she wrote Universe. This single is her creating her own mantra, a statement that she recites every morning to let her know that things will get better despite the pain she is feeling. We get to peak behind the curtain of Bennett’s mind, viewing her inner monologue with her rich vocal elegantly gliding across the haunting piano keys that echo like she’s in the deepest reaches of space. Her unfiltered yet graceful lyrics combined with her heart-wrenching delivery will have you reaching for the tissues in no time at all.

Annika Bennet is proving herself to be a songwriter who can tackle every spectrum of human emotion. Whether it be upbeat bops you’ll be belting out in your bedroom with a hairbrush as a microphone or a tearjerker that makes you want to get all up in your feels, she knows what needs to be done and this is no exception.