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Usher Tour Photos

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Fans are thrilled for this Sunday’s 58th Annual Super Bowl as the San Francisco 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs. While many are excited about a good game of football, a lot of fans anticipate an exciting halftime performance by R&B heartthrob, Usher. Check out how these fans are prepping for the Usher Bowl with these hilarious viral videos inside.

Usher will be the main event for this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance. He has already offered fans a glorious marketing rollout, starting with his Skims campaign and an announcement for his Past, Present, Future domestic music tour.

Between his successful Las Vegas residency last year, remaining a viral sensation across the Internet and continuously rolling out hit music, Usher proves that his legacy remains undeniable. Fans are basking in his talents by performing karaoke of the crooner’s classics amongst their fellow co-workers, singing his hits loudly and proudly out at bars, predicting his setlist and teaching their students ahead of the Usher Bowl festivities.

Both fans and celebrities are joining in on the fun. Actor Josh Peck from Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh” even made his own predictions of how the Super Bowl halftime show might go.

These viral videos posted by social media users has given us enough entertainment to hold us over until this Sunday. Be sure to tune into the Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 11 at 3:30 pm PT.

Check out how fans are preparing for Usher with these hilarious viral videos below:

1. Josh Peck’s Predictions

Source:Josh Peck

2. Lessons In Confessions


3. Work Karaoke Because Sunday’s Too Far Away


4. Fan Predictions


5. Don’t Hurt ‘Em