B.A.R.S. is an underground quartet consisting of V Sinizter, Zitro, Tierre Diaz & Clifton Derrell. One of whom is a Saginaw native releasing his debut EP Hunting Season in 2003 under Psychopathic Records, Zitro is one of the newest members of the hatchet family coming straight outta Detroit, Tierre hails from Boston coming fresh off signing to DJ Clay’s very own Armed Robbery Entertainment last summer & finally Clifton represents the Windy City of Chicago as an overly smart punk who experienced his first electric moment when Eric B. & Rakim’s rhythm hit him. So considering their histories intertwining with juggalo culture, it only makes sense for all 4 emcees to form a supergroup & introduce themselves as a unit on their debut EP.

The title track is an incredibly rugged opener talking about everyone watching them with all hands on deck whereas the rowdy “On Sight” sets out to start riots in every club they hit up. “The Pinnacle” begins the 2nd leg of the EP by giving off a bit of a futuristic vibe instrumentally boasting that they’re in demand & ready to bring the pain, but then “Top No More” rounds things out by calling out those who’re envious of seeing the 4 on top over these guitar licks & hi-hats.

Anyone who considers themselves to be a fan of any or all 4 of the members of B.A.R.S. has to check out their eponymous debut EP together here & it makes me anticipate hearing what the underground supergroup has coming down the pipe from hereon out. The production gives off a different vibe for everyone & although everyone has stood out in their own ways previously, hearing them together is another level.

Score: 8/10