Have you been watching Saint X on HULU?

Source: Paloma Alegria / hulu

Saint X is told via multiple timelines and the series upends the girl-gone-missing genre as it explores how a young woman’s mysterious death during an idyllic Caribbean vacation creates a traumatic ripple effect that eventually pulls her surviving sister into a dangerous pursuit of the truth. The 8-episode series is adapted from Alexis Schaitkin’s novel.

GlobalGrind’s Senior Content Director Janeé Bolden caught up with Saint X actor Jayden Elijah to discuss the new series. Edwin is one of the two young men who work at the resort who are the last to be seen with college girl Alison Thomas before she’s found dead the next day.

While Alison is taken in by Edwin’s charm and good looks, viewers are allowed to see a darker side of Edwin that is all too familiar to his best friend Gogo and others who know him on his native island. We asked Jayden Elijah about the challenges of taking on this complex role.

“The most challenging part of playing Edwin was bearing with what he has on his shoulders,” Elijah told Global Grind. “Throughout the six months we were filming, I felt the weight of all the secrets he carries and all the insecurity that he carries. The pressure that he feels and the kind of righteous indignation that he has in his heart and the darkness — that can bring in resentment. I think that was hard to hold on to for so long, but ultimately, of course, what a privilege to have that problem.”

Saint X production stills

Source: Paloma Alegria / hulu

Because of the way the story unfolds, by offering a view of the past that retraces Alison’s final days, as well as her sister Emily’s present day investigation, audiences are led through a maze of possibilities about what truly happened. The mystery is what makes the show what it is, and Jayden assured us that we should be careful jumping to conclusions.

“Everything is not as it seems,” Jayden warned us. “Be ready for some twists and turns. Whatever you predict probably won’t happen, so get ready for it!”

The first five episodes of Saint X are currently streaming on HULU.