Planetary is a 44 year old MC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emerging within the underground as 1/2 of the duo OuterSpace with Crypt the Warchild as well as a member of the Army of the Pharaohs collective led by Vinnie Paz. He’s even landed quite a bit of solo features on various albums over the past couple decades too, but it hasn’t been until now where he’s putting out a full-length debut of his own fully produced by his son Elemxnt.

“Ruin Ya Life” is a solemn boom bap opener bringing the truth to the light whereas “You Know Who I Am” works in some more kicks & snares so the man can talk about everyone knowing exactly who the fuck he is as he expands. “Where the Legends Are” has a more morbid atmosphere to it setting out to finish what he started that is until “Vainglory” featuring Elemxnt, Kxng Charisma & Trxstworthy finds the quartet talking about being overly vain over an unsettling piano instrumental.

Meanwhile, “Holy Water” takes a more haunting route aspiring to excel just before “I Get It” switches it up by energetically talking about giving them all that dope shit & wanting all the smoke possible. “The Bicentennial” has a really cool organ melody throughout keeping it 200 calling himself the best in the building in general leading into “Self Destruction” featuring WRD Life goes into sample-based boom bap turf as they both talk about being sent to win.

“It’s Elementary” begins the final leg of the album with some chimes, kicks & snares making it clear that they shining with the darker days in the past along with slapping OGs prior to “Get Slumped” is a rugged ode to getting your shit fuck up with a fitting piano instrumental. “1 2” reunites with Elemxnt on the mic 1 last time to belittle their opposition with an echoing boom bap, but then “Keep On” ties up the album with a tearjerking ballad about time trying you & encouraging everyone to never stop for any given reason.

Considering that no one in OuterSpace has ever dropped a solo effort until now, I was a bit surprised when Project Pluto was announced yet it didn’t bog down any expectations considering how much of an AotP fan I’ve been since high school & it definitely has me looking forward to what he has to offer by himself down the road. Elemxnt’s production game is sounding better & his dad mixing more personal topics with the usual hardcore bars one would expect.

Score: 7/10