Savage Ticket announced the launch of an innovative platform that is set to redefine the way music and entertainment are presented nowadays in these harsh times of COVID – 19.
Savage Ticket follows the concept of propelling listeners into a whole new listening and viewing experience, by creating both a virtual and real-world platform that will enable new opportunities to listen to and experience music and entertainment.
We are entering a new world of realities that will continue affecting all music-related professions and drive massive industry changes. Therefore Savage Ticket wants to work with creatives, producers, venues, networks, and others to identify ways for people to keep enjoying music.

The platform wants to provide fans with services and concepts they can’t get anywhere else so they decided to hold the How I Fell In Love With Jazz contest for musicians and fans, for everyone to share their own story of how they fell in love with Jazz music. Savage Ticket are looking for 60-second video diaries detailing how Jazz fans and performers alike fell in love with Jazz music. Participants don’t need to be performers to enter; they just need to be a lover of Jazz music and that strong desire to win a  $2,500 prize! Hurry up as the public voting end date is 11:59 PM ET on November 28, 2020!

Are you a Jazz music fan and got really interested? Then don’t hesitate and check out Savage Ticket’s official page for more information on how to win the first prize!