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Mother and son celebrating New Year at home

Source: Renata Angerami / Getty

The New Year’s celebrations are underway. The holiday that follows consumers overspending during Christmas has most Americans spending even more for the New Year’s occasion. Check out this list of 2021’s best cities for New Year’s.

Personal-finance website, WalletHub, shares that 65% of Americans spend at least 50 dollars on food and drinks on New Year’s. The site shares which cities are the best to safely ring in the New Year without breaking the bank by comparing the 100 largest cities across 28 key metrics. The data set ranges from safety and vaccination rates to quality food options and costs.

According to WalletHub, 60 percent of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday with family or friends in a more intimate setting, and only 24 percent will attend public events or parties. It also cites the difference in the cost for a couple to enjoy dinner and a show on New Year’s Eve in the most expensive city, New York, and the least expensive city, Philadelphia. (BTW: It would cost about $758 in New York)

Meanwhile, WalletHub shares that over 360 million glasses of sparkling wine will be consumed each New Year’s Eve.

Take a look at WalletHub’s Best Cities for New Year’s:

1. New York

2. Las Vegas, NV

3. Orlando, FL

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Miami, FL

6. Washington, DC

7. San Francisco, CA

8. Denver, CO

9. Louisville, KY

10. Houston, TX

11. Philadelphia, PA

12. Seattle, WA

13. Los Angeles, CA

14. Austin, TX

15. Chicago, IL

16. Nashville, TN

17. Buffalo, NY

18. San Diego, CA

19. Dallas, TX

20. San Antonio, TX

To view the full report and your city’s rank, visit the website.