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We love Selenas! The late singer would have turned 53 years old today (April 16). Check out 10 of Selena’s signature styles inside to celebrate her birthday.

Netflix debuted the next part of Selena: The Series  back in May 2021. The series touches on more about her life outside of the music. It dives into the inspiration behind her clothing line and fashion powerhouse and the necessary steps she took to make an impact in fashion, which due to her sudden death did not receive a full push in the industry. Selena was certainly going places in fashion, and she helped inspire some of the world’s leading fashion trends we know and love today. From her bustier corset tops, bedazzled jeweled embellishments, ’80s hats and high waisted form fitting jeans, Selena gave the girls looks that served ahead of her time.

All of Selena’s fashion trends such as bold lip colors, lip liners, bold hair cuts and bangs paid even more tribute to her Tejano culture beyond the music her and her family were making at the time. Imagine the waves she could have made if she could have seen 50 years old today. We believe her influence could have surpassed many if she had the opportunity to partner with larger fashion brands like other artists, like Beyoncé’s Ivy Park, have managed to do over the years. Though it troubles true Selena fans to think of what could have been, it is important to honor the strides she was able to make while she was present on Earth.

In celebration of all things Selenas, let’s explore ten of Selena’s signature styles that can be found amongst today’s fashion trends.

1. Selena Quintanilla Receives Grammy In Ivory Gown


 Selena receives a Grammy Award at The 36th Annual Grammy Awards on March 1, 1994 in New York, New York at Radio City Music Hall. She’s spotted in a gorgeous gown with an updo and her signature red lip. 

2. Selena Performs at Opening of Hard Rock Cafe In Two Piece Blazer Set

Selena Quintanilla Performs at Opening of Hard Rock Cafe.


Selena with her hair pulled back is sporting a matching pin striped blazer set. 

3. Queen of Bold Looks


Selena loved a printed jacket or bold look to accompany her natural beauty. 

4. Hard To Forget


It’s hard to forget this look. The flared pants, shoulder pads and cut off at the midriff made her dad so sick, but it’s the look that is recycled most when fashion-goers are looking to emulate Selena’s style. 

5. This Hat Dominated The Late 80s and Early 90s


Whether it was the iconic Selena or Janet Jackson who inspired this hat trend, it is certainly still ever-present today. 

6. An Ode To Texas


More bold prints like this cow print two piece set she’s wearing here. This is an ode to her deeply rooted Mexican-American culture. Yee-haw! 

7. Regarded As A Style Icon


Selena is continuously influencing the masses long after her passing. So much that her fans recognize her as their style icon!

8. The Switch Up


Selena served looks from her hair to her clothes. The bold bobbed cut she had for a few years had her deep in her Birkin. 

9. Bold Lips


Selena’s bold makeup choices landed her a collection with popular makeup brand, Mac Cosmetics. Her influential red lip and liner combo continues to influence makeup fanatics everywhere. 

10. Natural Beauty


Selena loved her makeup, bold prints and legendary fashions like the rest of us, but what she really inspired was being herself. Her natural beauty looks were unmatched.