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A throwback clip resurfaced of famed entertainer Drake calling Toronto slang ignorant. The rapper is known for repping his hometown and cosplaying everyone else’s cities in his music. The viral clip confuses fans, who may not have known Drake before the fame. Watch him talk about Toronto slang in this old video below.

Drake has become one of the biggest names in rap music. Before pursuing his hip hop talents, Drake was a star on teenage drama series Degrassi, which was widely regarded in Canada and beyond. At the time, he was known as Aubrey Graham. The megastar has lived several lives, and fans are discovering that one of them included dissing his own city’s culture.

In the resurfaced clip, Drake talks with a group of non-Black dinner guests about Toronto slang. One of the guests asked him what “cool and funky” things they say in his hometown. Drake proceeds to educate his friends saying, “Instead of addressing people like a group saying like ‘what are you guys doing,’ you’d say ‘mans like you.’” One of the dinner party guests comments “cool” in response to his explanation of the “cool and funky” things they say.

Any loyal Drake fan would think the rapper’s response would be agreeable, but he actually says, “No it’s not. It’s really ignorant.” Now, Draaaake.

It’s an interesting statement, because Drake has been infamous for adopting other cities’ cultures like Atlanta and the larger African diaspora. He talks about being from “the six,” which to any Atlanta Zone-sixer is a huge stretch. So, what’s really tea? Did the Toronto mans dem have a change of heart throughout the years or did he borrow some culture to sell out arenas?

Please watch this questionable video of our beloved bi-racial rap king, Mr. Graham. Comment your thoughts about the viral clip below.