Just say it: KAKI’s new single, “Like I Want You”, is pop perfection. 

In a world that doesn’t seem bright at times, this track can be the source of your happiness. It takes you on a euphoric adventure, a place devoid of sorrow. With its vibrant production, listening to this song is like entering a movie: you can picture yourself running around a city late at night as the streetlights sparkle against your face. It’s two minutes of pure exuberance. 

The compelling melodies, along with KAKI’s stunning voice, make this song feel like a drug. Its chorus is passionate and urges you to let go of everything and just dance. Honestly, it’s a struggle just trying to turn the song off — it’s that addictive. After just one listen, you’ll find yourself humming the tune over and over again. KAKI evokes a special feeling that many others cannot do. 

KAKI is tired of being unsure about whether or not the person she likes feels the same way. This feeling isn’t a stranger to many of us. It can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but at the same time, it can be exciting deep down. Lyrically, KAKI captures all of these emotions with ease, which makes the song even more appealing. 

“Like I Want You” is a strong track. Catchier than ever, you can’t resist singing along. This song establishes KAKI as a promising pop star to look out for.