Going through nicole han’s discography is a fascinating endeavour due to the variety of her songs. When people say they’re genreless they usually just do one or two genres and that’s it, but han has gone from Taylor Swift themed pop, 80’s synth pop, drama filled alt pop, and even indie rock. She goes wherever the tide takes her, ebbing and flowing with the tales she wishes to tell and giving them the backdrop they need to have the most impact. Today is no different as she goes through three genres in one single; singer songwriter, alt pop and cinematic.

Starting off with a tender guitar melody, people grow apart, people let me down brings you into han’s delicate headspace where we see emotions cascading out of her like a waterfall. Gradually the production grows, letting her tender voice grow with power as the lyrics become more raw, like unfiltered thoughts breaking out of her head, and the dram enters the fray. Reminiscent of Billie Eilish during her when we fall asleep where do we go era, the foreboding synths build an eerie darkness surrounding her emotional discomfort, hitting us with a powerful sucker punch that has us reeling. This all comes together in the grand climax where the music reaches extreme heights, the emotion breaks through the ceiling, and devastation that’s left in its wake is easy to understand. A truly passionate single that is nicole han’s best to date.