If you’re searching for a fresh fusion of classic R&B, pop, and afrobeat elements with a modern spin look no further than Adanna Duru. The Orange County-raised Nigerian singer-songwriter defies genre with futuristic playful production bringing together all her favorite styles. Adanna’s latest release “ur a bitch” is a perfect example of how she’s created her own sonic lane. 

This track is light and relatable, Adanna details a subtle diss towards someone who’s quite literally a bitch! That person who’s only worried about themselves, not supportive of your current path, and never there for you– that’s who we’re talking about. She’s delivered this message in an empowering, feminine, and exciting way. This is a track you can get ready with, sing and dance around your room to, or blast when you’ve just had the last word. 

Getting into the sound and style of the music there are plenty of refreshingly creative elements to highlight. The first thing I noticed in the production was the electronic bits reminiscent of twinkling video game sound effects. You have to move around to this beat, it gets you off your feet and onto whatever you deem a dance floor. This song sounds like summer, there’s a subtle tropical sense and the energy is undeniably upbeat, bound to evoke good vibes. 

Don’t stop at “ur a bitch” if you haven’t explored Adanna Duru’s full catalog you’ve only grazed the surface with this single. A must-listen for true afrobeat lovers is “POP!”. This track takes the core tempos and sonic flows of the genre with a subtle twist reflecting Adanna’s personal uniqueness. I hope you follow along closely with Adanna’s music as I’m hoping to see much more from her this year!