If you love good music you’ll love Shuko’s latest Album, “Dreaming Hills” simple as that! This body of work showcases the talents of artists like Casey Veggies, Chuck Inglish, Nia Wyn, and many more. Given Shuko’s talents as a producer, he’s crafted a perfect collection of 90’s inspired jazzy hip-hop beats elevated by the talents of all these artists who embody the same energy vocally. Although the music is inspired by old-school sounds and styles it feels fresh and new, honestly a refreshing body of work amongst today’s music. 

The album consists of 10 tracks, one of the focus tracks being “Overload” which features Chuck Inglish and KESMAR. This single is fun, relaxing, filled with jazzy synths, and makes you want to bop around to the beat. It starts off on the jazzier side, gentle and similar to your favorite indie jam. Then we’re brought into a groovy chorus of / overload let it go /, inspiring the title of this track. The next element is a classic hip-hop verse that unfolds about halfway through. The lyricism and flow is very authentic to a 90’s style, defined by simple quick rhyming bars delivered with a smooth refined tone. 

My personal favorite off the whole project is “Sunset Ride”, there’s something about Sarah Evelyn’s voice over this jazzy almost house production that creates a whole new vibe in itself. Not to mention the effortless transition straight into Casey Veggies verse. Honestly, it might be the best verse on the project I love his flow and each bar is paired perfectly with a steady clap in the beat. The harmonious pairing of divine female vocals into a raw hip-hop verse always makes for the perfect compliment. A few other favorites on the album would have to be “In The Mood” and “How Long”.

This entire album is definitely worth a listen there is plenty of vocal heavy tracks among some solely production-focused pieces. All of these bring together jazz, hip-hop, and groovy tunes to evoke that 90’s nostalgia. Be sure to stream Shuko’s “Dreaming Hills” and follow along for the rest of his artistic journey.