As of late there’s been a lot of morose songs dominating the charts. Whether it be Lewis Capaldi’s heart-wrenching ballads designed to make you feel even worse about your break up, countless country songs pining over an ex, or Olivia Rodrigo breakup anthems about Joshua Bassett. Right now you can’t escape them, which is why I’m overjoyed when an artist like BB Bean drops an uplifting single that’s an infectious as laughter.

The Dance of Instead gives me crystal clear visions of late night dances in the parking lot of the local movie theatre. A contagious melody fills the air through the muffled speakers as you launch into euphoric dance break, not caring about who sees you but just living for the moment, and living life by throwing caution to the wind. Their music was designed to make memories with. From their distinct, cheery vocal delivery and retro infused melodies reminiscent of a Nile Rodgers track, to the addictive beats and jubilance radiating from the soundscape, it’s hard not to feel joy as BB Bean’s track plays.

Dive into BB Bean’s discography if you haven’t yet, you’ll be inundated with singles that have stupidly high replay value.