When King Isis dropped her debut 4leaf clover at the book end of last year I knew instantly she had a special aura around her. The way her melodic voice melted inbetween the cracks of her insatiable melodies struck me, she had that spark that could ignite a battery of fireworks that could light up the night sky. With the Oakland native having a large musical history in her family it became clear that this was merely the tip of the iceberg of her sonic palette. Flipping her sound from an intimate soundscape, to a bold and brash affair that gets you dancing.

In my ways is something I’d expect to see in an A24 movie regarding the struggles of growing up. From the euphoria inducing guitars unrivalled energy matching the thumping passion of the drums, to her raw undefined vocal piercing through the soundscape with a visceral effect. Diaristic lyrics about being stuck in a never ending cycle resonate with every listeners who’s become trapped in their routine, wanting nothing more than to escape King Isis encourages all to dance, let our angst out, and ignite our desires in a fiery frenzy.

King Isis is here to provide the gas to ignite the flames of our creativity to start the next revolution.

“‘in my ways’ is about being stuck in a cycle of your own creation. You don’t quite know how to get out of it just yet and you’re not really trying. It’s willfully ignoring shadows, but it’s ok cuz we’re dancing.”