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Get excited for the April Fool’s edition of “Saturday Night Live (SNL)” featuring Emmy award-winning writer, actress and producer Quinta Brunson. As she prepares for her “SNL” hosting debut this week, she carries out a series of unusual “pranks” on the sketch comedy series’ cast. Watch a special promotional video for Quinta’s upcoming appearance inside.

Brunson attempts to prank “SNL” cast member Molly Kearney. However, the creator clearly doesn’t know what an April Fool’s joke should be.

In the short clip, Kearney grabs a drink at the watercolor when Brunson hops from behind some office boxes with flowers and candy, yelling, “Prank!” Kearney subsequently spits out her water in shock. Moments later, Brunson jumps out of a closet with more gifts — balloons and an Easter basket. Kearney then talks to the camera about her concerns that Brunson is unaware of how to prank properly. There’s a quick cut to Brunson asking the camera, “Molly said that?” She then shares what her next prank would have been, saying she was going to gift them with a car. Trying not to miss out on her next blessing, Kearney interjects Brunson’s confessional reassuring her that this is the correct way to prank.

The short promotional video shows a sneak peek of what fans can expect from the hilarious talent on the show and the comedian’s first-ever hosting debut.

Lil Yachty is also scheduled to be the musical guest this week, which will be the NBC series first show since its editorial staffers sanctioned a new contract deal that averted a potential writers strike. Catch Quinta and Lil Yachty on this week’s episode April 1.

Be sure to watch the new video below: