If you’re like me and have been missing The Civil Wars a lot recently after Taylor Swift announced they’d be coming back to do a Taylor’s Version of Safe & Sound, then I’ve got an artist who you’re gonna love.

The husband and wife duo Seth and Jenna are the two halves of The River Indigo. They’re no stranger to creating music or the touring circuit either, previously spending three years living on the road performing from city to city, state to state and dive bar to dive bar. Whilst many will see that as a big inconvenience, this duo embraced every part of this life and saw it as an opportunity to harness their songwriting prowess. Discovering great love and going through tough hardships, their story is one they thought they could tell through their music. Discussing mental health, spirituality, and relationships, all through their folk songwriting lens.

We Can Fight It is our first proper introduction to this. With a sparse opening production production an eerily intimate sound, the beguiling single begins to take a hold of you as their voices intertwine to form a blissful harmony. The sweltering emotion grows in grandeur throughout, going from a rustic intimate setting to a cinematic climax that packs the power of a runaway freight train. The instrumental drama matches the lush vocals, and we’re treated to a mesmerising display as a result.