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The rap girlies have created their own remixes to SZA’s “Smoking on My Ex Pack.” Both rappers Latto and Lakeyah dropped a special freestyle inspired by SZA’s popular single. Not to pit two of rap’s hottest young rappers against one another, but we want to know who’s freestyle is your favorite. Check out both freestyles inside.

SZA’s second studio album SOS was released Dec. 9 through TDE. The publicly-acclaimed album’s most popular songs so far include “Forgiveless,” “Used,” “Ghost in the Machine,” “Open Arms,” “Notice Me,” “Gone Girl,” “Blind” and “Smoking on my Ex Pack.” Fans can’t get enough of the singer’s latest project, which is her first release since 2017’s critically-acclaimed CTRL album.

The album features guest appearances from Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, Travis Scott, and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. It seems like SZA should have invited some of music’s biggest rap talents like Latto and Lakeyah to perform on the hit album. These two took it upon themselves to freestyle on their favorite SOS single, “Smoking on My Ex Pack.”

Fans are feeling both young rapper’s additions to the song.

Lakeyah uses her whispery, low tone raspy voice to recite a few timely and witty bars about gaslighting, talking to her girls about useless men and bossing up on the men who don’t deserve her. She released the freestyle with a black and white video posing and rapping against a classic car.

Meanwhile, Latto drops her freestyle in the studio with her sister and friends. Similar to Lakeyah, she talks a big game. The Atlanta rapper asks fans to stop comparing her to trends, she gets honest about taking her ex back to get even, and comparing her efforts in the bedroom to the “water on her wrist.”

Comment which freestyle is your favorite below.