It’s six in the evening and you got home from a stressful day. All you want to do is sit down and ease your mind of incessant thoughts. So, you light a vanilla candle and let the scent travel around your home. The sky is painted in an ombre of pink and orange, and to finish setting the mood, you listen to David Saint Val’s soothing r&b track, “I’m Not That Guy.” With his mellifluous and sonorous voice, David creates a song that’s as beautiful as the sunset. It produces an ambiance that takes you out of this world. 

The track holds introspective and honest lyrics. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you’re not ready to commit to someone, but David was vulnerable enough to express those feelings. Thus, “I’m Not That Guy,” is a personal song that captivates listeners with its relatability. On top of that, its hypnotic production will make you want to keep the song on repeat. However, David’s voice is the most notable part of the song. With his mesmerizing runs and unpredictable vocal inflections, David keeps you on your toes as you listen, and leaves you dazzled by his divine talent. 

If your playlist is looking bitter, David Saint Val and his mellow voice can be the honey to make it sweet. “I’m Not That Guy” is a stunning track, and its sincerity makes it even more special. I’m eager to see what he does in his future projects.