I first came across Abigail Osborn’s new track “I Do You” on TikTok and was immediately captivated by the vulnerability of the lyrics while simultaneously shocked that it had not gone viral.. When she sings “what if I never love somebody new like I do, I do you?/ Try and find out there’s no room, it was all for you,” it transports me back in time to when my first love and I broke up. This is a feeling that we can all relate to: wondering if the love we had is all we will ever experience. It’s a universal fear and Abigail Osborn is publicly admitting to it. 

She self-describes her style as “honest pop,” so I really appreciate that the production, (done by Mark Siegel,) really allows the vocals and message to shine. The drums are just enough to pick up the pace of the track a bit while still capturing the beauty of the ballad. The musical flow of the track is heartbreakingly perfect. 

Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting the next track that Abigail puts out. She can count me as a new big fan for sure.