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Soon, a new life will come

Source: mihailomilovanovic / Getty

A White couple gave birth to two Black twin girls using in vitro fertilization (IVF). Internet onlookers are outraged after realizing the couple specifically chose two Black embryos and Black sperm to have the children.

The couple has four older children but experienced a miscarriage back in 2020 when trying to conceive and decided to go the IVF route. This is a common issue for older couples, so the outrage is not due to their choice in using IVF treatments. The question most onlookers have is why Black embryos and Black sperm?

The Neighborhood Talk shares that the two embryos were at risk of being discarded because the original donor never used them.

IVF is a costly and tricky process. There are rumors that the couple may have received the embryos at a discounted rate because they were close to being trashed, which makes the situation even stranger.

The newborn twin girls are 100 percent Black and now being born into a White family. Social media users find that to be the oddest part and note how raising Black children is a complexity in itself.

One user commented, “colonize everything literally.” Another shared their thoughts saying, “this makes me uncomfortable.”

Many social media users call the couple out for the birth, deeming them racist and unethical.

In the thread shared on Instagram, the couple’s friends jump to their defense. One friend, Rachel Burkey, shared her thoughts saying, “these baby girls were frozen and forgotten by the church at large, but rescued from their cryo-incarceration by some dear abolitionist friends of mine.”

Abolitionist friends, Rachel? That’s a stretch.

This story is polarizing. Some users argue this is an act of extreme charity. While others find it utterly disgusting. Comment your thoughts on the situation and taake a look at the thread below.