Your next favorite up and coming queer artist on the pop-alt-R&B scene is Tatianna Maenza with her new single “Call Me”. Hailing from the bright state of Florida, Tatianna’s catchy claps of “Call Me” reveals a relatable cyclic story of optimism and misery when meeting someone new with hopes of finally finding someone who will finally meet them halfway in revealing their feelings for them. Call us a little bit a crazy for wanting to communicate how we really feel when in fact, should we tell them how we feel? Or should we catch ourselves now before we’ve realized we’ve fallen?

With nothing set in place but the unknown, the track starts off with an anxious dial tone with you too wanting to speak but relieved to have it be unanswered and forwarded to voicemail. Self-aware of “past escapades” and healing on both sides, Tatianna’s words declare hope for a reciprocated heart but a need to know if the impending doom is near in order for us to simply move on. Track ends with the knowledge of others in the attentions of the beloved, “four voicemails but none of them me” and an opportunity for one to leave one of their own, but alas a frustrating abrupt hang-up.

A very relatable track among situationships and hopeless romantics alike, the vibey organs overlays a soft type of R&B style to Marc E. Bassy’s “So Simple”. Personally, I am a big fan of tracks that include extra sprinkles of texture – adlibs, monologues, sounds, etc. that add to the lyrics story, and with the start of a phone dial and ending of an abrupt hang-up, the story gives an impression of the situation being done … or left for impression to save the reveal of one’s feelings for another day.