There’s obviously a science behind songwriting but Joe Saan’s music is just pure art. The lush R&B artist has become known for his natural ability to weave sensual tale that has his audience swooning whilst continuously falling head over heels for this illustrious vocal. The more I hear from Saan, the more I’m convinced he’s a more laidback version of The Weeknd because people just fall instantly for this guy the second they hear is the tone of his crooning. It’s an impressive skill that many fellow musicians in the New York R&B scene would kill to have, especially with the nostalgia he brings alongside it.

If this is your first time stumbling across his music, then SCIENCE is the perfect introduction. A perfect mixture of a laidback production with epicurean melodies scattered throughout that compliment his scintillating vocal and melancholia infused lyrics that allow you to get right up in your feels. I can easily envision this being performed live with a sea of lighters being raised in unison as the audience sways from side to side as one, all being captivated by this musical moment.