The profoundly gifted singer, songwriter, producer, and composer Ahnwar Yancey unveils why he’s decided to name his latest My Therapy. In this new album, the gospel artist talks about His Holiness’ healing power and how one can find their way back to Jesus Christ. 

Yancey’s 11-Track album My Therapy gives a glimpse of his therapy sessions with God. Ahnwar believes that praying and talking with God gives the same results as going to therapy; “I unpack my issues, and in His own way and in His own time, His answers create breakthroughs that only He can bring to pass.” 

Yancey’s mental and physical well-being is directly connected to his relationship with God. Each song on the album My Therapy is a heartfelt confession and is inspired by the conversations Ahnwar has had with the Lord. 

Ahnwar explains that sharing from his own experience and life stories is the only way to lift the weight off from his shoulders. By being transparent and true in his creations, he heals himself from the very things that cause him harm. Yancey follows the same creative process from his days when he used to create R&B music with his group S.O.L.E., which literally says “Singing Our Life Experience.” The album is called My Therapy ,because it stems from either his personal experience and/or the experiences of those around him.

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