Powerful singer-songwriter Alice The G00N makes us all want to fall in love with a single that is bound to stir up some interest. “Who Do You Love” is a stunning rhythm and dance song that throws the listener on the dance floor from the first second. Truly a “vocal assassin”, Alice showcases her talent throughout the entire piece while the almost 90’s vibe and percussion creates an entrancing aura one cannot walk away from.

Shifting between genres and eras, Alice The G00N takes inspiration from a multitude of artists but floats in her very own lane. With thousands of listeners lining up for her incredible art, Alice is already on her way to greatness. “Who Do You Love?” serves as a reminder to remember who makes it all worth it. On the other hand, the song’s theme is about leaping. I wanted to capture that feeling of “putting yourself out there.” That limbo of uncertainty can be so intimidating,” the artist said in a recent interview. 

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