When it comes to rap music, there are only a few OGs left in the game who represent the grittiness of the genre and produce profound hip-hop music. One of those rappers is Florida’s finest TEF XL and the hip-hop artist is back with his new single “RNR,” as he can’t stop blessing us with his productive output. 

As a business executive, TEF XL has made sure to build an ever growing path for hip-hop and his efforts have been credited as one of the most influential hip-hop artists in his home state of Florida. As a rapper, he has been releasing his own music for a couple of years now and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with his singles reaching hundreds of thousands of streams.

After the successful releases of “Deuces” & “Injustice,” TEF XL is looking to bring back all the hype with his latest masterpiece called “RNR,” an outstanding track full of powerful lyrics, soothing instrumental and impressive composition. 

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