Scotland’s alternative scene has been rapidly growing in recent years, with the country producing artist after artist who swiftly become apart of my regular listening schedule. The Glaswegian band Medicine Cabinet might be my favourite band to come out of Scotland throughout the whole of 2022. Maybe it’s because of their sound being reminiscent of something you’d expect to see in an 80’s/90’s coming of age movie or maybe it’s because there’s something so beautifully British about their sound that gives me the same feeling when I hear Mr Brightside, I just can’t help but love their debut.

Written about trying to find your place in the world or someone who shares the same perspective as you, The Signs is sublime from start to finish. It’s an optimistic love affair to the pursuit of happiness, finding those things that bring you joy in a world where we’re fragmented by everything surrounding us. The 80’s synths reminiscent of something you’d expect to hear in Stranger Things, the guitars that wouldn’t be too out of place on a The Cure album and soft spoken vocals that blend brilliantly with the chants of the chorus, what’s not to love about this? Medicine Cabinet are just the medicine we need to help us through the day.