After arriving in early 2021 with a killer debut in Cake, it became clear to see from the offset that JDM Global had that special spark that could light a fuse and see his career explode into life in a matter of seconds. It was arguably one of the best debuts to come out last year and his debut EP only elevated my opinion of him further. He went from strength to strength, transforming his sonic world into something that countless people find themselves within. So it should come as no surprise that his latest release is another jewel in this artist’s ever growing collection of outstanding tracks.

Easygoing is a summer anthem in the making. From the hazy production with a nostalgic undertone to the whimsical melodies that make you feel like you’re at Woodstock, this is the type of single I can see being played at Hyde Park by countless people on their speakers. Like the title suggests it has this innate ability to make your whole body relax and become utterly at ease with the world, almost as if you’ve been injected with euphoric bliss that transports you to a beautifully tranquil paradise. And to top it all off you’ve got a blossoming guitar solo will send a wave of confidence over you that makes you ready to take on the world. JDM Global is an artist who’s ready to become global.