London based neo-classical composer and producer Michele Garruti has finally released his much anticipated album Glitch. With 15 tracks, he is changing the way people will look at classical and traditionally restricted forms of music. He expands the genre into modern times, adding electronic music elements and effects usually found on pop, edm, or urban releases. 

The first composition opening up on Glitch is “Ripples” a piano-cello infused track that would be the perfect soundtrack to illustrate a nostalgic scene in a film, starting off calm and evolving into an epic climax by the end of it, before closing up on the same calming rippling effect produced by the piano he started off with. 

This first piece gives a taste of what listeners are going to hear, or more exactly live, when listening to the full tracklist. Garruti’s music is much more than a distraction but an experience on multiple sensory levels. He has the rare innate ability to fluently speak the universal language of music, something years of study cannot suffice to have. This very phenomenon happens inside the few individuals who have the open heart heart to receive its knowledge. Dive into Glitch, and let Garruti’s composition float around your days only to make them brighter, more hopeful, and meaningful.