DJ Concept connects with Buffalo lyricist Y.N.X. 716 on their collaborative extended player, Conceptual Thoughts. Despite its concise 15-minute duration, the six track EP packs a powerful punch as YNX skillfully navigates the diverse musical landscape crafted entirely by DJ Concept. 

The album takes its audience on a sonic journey, seamlessly transitioning from classic hip-hop vibes on tracks like “Mainstream,” to ethereal backdrops like “Beautiful Noise,” concluding with a feel good banger on “Long Way Up.” 

Throughout the album, YNX articulates his thoughts with compelling bars such as “I’m day dreaming with my eyes open, it’s no discussion once my mind spoken, might have been broke but never broken, its like lyrical emotion for the chosen, bars potent like dope in the crack era, I ain’t boasting.” 

Expect nothing short of raw beats and bars throughout this wistful collaboration, available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective.