Man Bites Dog drops a new release as Copywrite connects with Mickey Factz on the new single “Mixtapes In My Sleep” produced by Swab.

The year was 2013; I was serving 6 months for physically assaulting an officer of the law. During one particular night, I had awoken from my slumber to urinate but the dream I had awoken from was packed with all of this new music that didn’t yet exist. I liked the idea, so I wrote two verses real fast and went back to sleep. Fast forward to a year ago when I was rummaging through some of my many notebooks at D1’s studio and I stumbled across this little “Mixtapes In My Sleep” song. I went through some Swab bangers and picked one I felt matched the vibe of what I was talking about in the rhymes and I recorded it. It was a one take things. I’m rapping pretty relaxed in it and I was having fun. I really love the idea of putting the dj in the forefront, because in this day and age, people seem to have forgotten that all of this hiphop sh*T started with one dj. Also, about 4-5 things that either me or Mickey said in our rhymes have came to fruition haha. Speaking of Mickey, I had to enlist one of the greatest emcees of our time ( factz ! ) and voila ! We have the lead single off of my new forthcoming album, “T.H.E. LAST SUPPER” coming early 2024 on Man Bites Dog