Estee Nack is a 38 year old MC & producer from Boston, Massachusetts emerging as a member of the Tragic Allies. He also branched out on his own my junior year of high school of his Purpose-produced solo debut 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack & has since built a lengthy yet impressive discography for himself. Other highlights include the Sadhugold-produced Surfinongold.wav alongside it’s sequel The Order of the Golden Fleece, the Giallo Point-produced Papitas, his collab efforts with al.divino or more recently the V Don-produced B.R.A.P. (Born Rewards & Penalties). But coming fresh off the 6th installment of the #MiniMansionDust series, he’s finally unveiling his 8th full-length album & Griselda Records debut executive produced by the FLYGOD himself Westside Gunn.

“Nackman Coletrain” is a drumlessly jazzy opener to the album already getting on his coke rap shit whereas “Mass Money Wires” featuring al.divino works in some pianos, kicks & snares so both of them talking about burning trees instead of bridges which as a weed smoker myself, I can absolutely relate to. “Bonductor We Have a Problem” obviously plays into Conductor Williams’ name as the KC beatsmith ditches the drums once more talking about refusing to fuck around with anyone today that is until “Angeldior” dives back into boom bap territory & Estee making it clear that he’s been a dreamer encouraging to come get with a crowd pleaser.

On the other hand, “Green Celophane” works in a drumless rock instrumental talking about being in the jungle with creatures just before “Fetty Guerrero” by al.divino has a more minimal albeit morbid vibe discussing watch what they do when the torch is passed down to them. “Strawberry Milk” has a more cheerful tone sonically calling out those trying to copy the formula who simply don’t get it leading into “We Made History” following the “Knowledge Wisdom” interlude having a more shimmery quality to it courtesy of the homie Cee Gee with the title saying it all subject matter-wise.

“Mini Mansion Bartel” dives into drearier turf saying that his homies go to war for him as if he’s the son of Chapo alongside paying the price since he got stripes like Waldo while “Tal Commando” gives off a more tense vibe this time around talking about turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle. The song “Vanilla Skies” returns to the boom bap cautioning that it’s gonna be a hot summer while the penultimate track “Space X” laces a crooning instrumental talking about finding him in a space station with Elon. “Old NackDonald Had a Farm” featuring West is a cold boom bap closer dissing those for growing shit that ain’t as half as strong as theirs.

Considering that Estee’s lengthy history of working with Griselda, it was only a matter of time he put out an album of his own through them & it sure enough happens to be amongst the strongest in his discography. The production is rooted into the label’s signature sound & Mr. Rose’s performances throughout are on par if not stronger than B.R.A.P. (Born Rewards & Penalties)’s, which should be more than enough to satisfy longtime fans & has me anticipating his future with the Buffalo powerhouse even more.

Score: 9/10