Sycklone’s “Label Me King” is sweeping up the hip-hop scene thanks to its simple yet exquisite arrangement and razor-sharp lyrics. The artist does a great job of conveying his feelings, showing respect for his own past and where he came from. Interestingly, the song is in no way dramatic or sad but it’s definitely intense, filled with beautiful melodies. The song was released alongside a music video which you can check out below!

“Yes, when I was younger, I used to get bullied a lot for what I would listen to. Mostly pop music because other kids would be jealous of me that I could sing and they couldn’t,” the artist explained in an interview. “But I realized that I was able to showcase more of my musical taste when rap & R&B was introduced to me, giving me that versatility. It showed me that it was okay for me to tell my stories, & talk about what I’ve seen while growing up.”

Nate Jean a.k.a. Sycklone, is an American singer, songwriter, & rapper from Everett, Massachusetts. This year he is preparing to drop a brand new album that shares the artist’s life story, experiences and thoughts!

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