Singer-songwriter Dejhare released her new dance-EDM track “Do What You Gotta Do,” spiced up with pop influences as a reflection of 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic. Even though 2020 is finally over, the feelings of uncertainty and fear are still relevant, especially considering that the world is still not done with the coronavirus, and we are not fully aware of what awaits us in the future. In “Do What You Gotta Do,” Dejhare makes us feel less lonely with our fears by sharing her own emotions and thoughts. The talented artist encourages us to stay kind towards ourselves and others and to keep a positive attitude no matter what. The song has a highly uplifting energy that motivates us to do what we have to do, as its title suggests.

“Do What You Gotta Do” sounds melodic and rhythmic, calling for resilience, courage, and unity: a perfect note to start a new chapter in 2021, leaving all the trouble 2020 brought in the past.