Allan Franzner reminds music listeners of two things– how destructive our world leaders are getting and how raw and gritty rock sounds we all loved from the early 90s were. To fully convey his powerful message, the young artist dedicated a whole album called Who Pays The Price? To these causes, through 11 important songs full of left-wing ideologies, condemning big corporations and urging the public to act on global warming before things get out of hand. 

Right from the start, Allan Franzner starts talking about how chaotic the world has become. In “Clinging to the Great Machine,” the Canadian artist talks about how the %1 ers are grabbing everything they can, taking all the goods from those who need it the most. While delivering his strong messages, Allan Franzner embodies the true rock musician spirit with his experimental and raw sounds, reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. 

An outstanding talent who combines his political views with authentic hard rock sounds, a deliberate artistic choice for Allan Franzner as he finds rock to be the most disruptive genre for his disruptive messages. 

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