Stetsasonic is the first ever hip hop band from Brooklyn, New York consisting of Daddy-O, MC Delite, Wise & Bobby Simmons. They would only put out 3 full-length albums together during the late 80s/early 90s, but remained inactive as a unit although what they did would eventually pave the way for The Roots. But after teasing a comeback by releasing singles over the past 3 years, the band is getting back together for their 4th LP executive produced by Public Enemy frontman Chuck D.

“Message in Our Music” is an old school-inspired opener produced with C-Doc talking about the message in their music has always been clear asking if you have what it takes to escape & change your fate whereas “(Now Y’all Giving Up) Love” works in these triumphant horns to boasting their return after over 3 long decades. Mala Reignz & Smoothe da Hustler both join Stet on the first part of a “Cypher” with Smoothe having my personal favorite of the 2 features, but then “Lolita” gets into their storytelling bag a bit over heavy sampling talking about the titular character.

Moving on from there, “Handled” brings the horns back into the fold reminding y’all they’re known for handling styles that others simply can’t leading into what is probably & with all respect here the weakest track on the album “Stet Dreams Come True” featuring Calvin III being this awkward reggae/pop rap fusion about being the Biggie to her Lil’ Kim. The soulful title track makes their case as being old school like Melle Mel without the disgruntled bitterness he’s shown in recent years while “Notes of Impression” featuring Ruste Juxx hooks up a crooning loop with hi-hats bringing you non fiction.

“Stetsa Anniversary” switches from trap to full-blown g-funk continuing to delve more into their comeback while the song “People in Your Neighborhood” goes for a humorous approach beatboxing & talking about drugs. The penultimate track “Hanging on a String” sonically pays homage to Zapp for a charming club banger rap & “Fallen Soldiers” concludes Here We Go Again by paying tribute to all of those who can’t be with us today.

I was hoping Prince Paul was gonna have at least some involvement behind the boards with this album, but I’m still very happy with what we got on Here We Go Again because it’s similar in a way to one of my personal favorite groups A Tribe Called Quest releasing We Got It From Here…Thank You Your Service nearly 2 decades after The Love Movement. It’s still very much a return to form for the band from the production to everyone sounding genuinely happy to be back doing what they do.

Score: 7/10