Talented singer-songwriter REGALJASON has released his debut EP titled MEGAFAUNA. An incredible collection of meaningful songs and impressive performances.

The EP represents REGAL’s finest work thus far, a combination of all his accumulated experiences, thoughts and observations compiled in a lustrous and thought-provoking musical journey. The talented singer is all about attention to detail, offering a philosophical message with his work and speaking about the meaning of the EP’s title, REGALJASON shared: “it seemed [as] a fitting title for a project that is essentially a social commentary on the most destructive large animals of today: humans.”

A soaring vocalist and an impactful artist, REGALJASON is set to become the face of avant-garde pop in a very short time span and his rise to stardom is as inevitable as the sun rising everyday. A wonderful collection that was worth the wait, MEGAFAUNA is now here for us to enjoy and inspire!

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