Juxtaposition, it’s something I adore seeing within music. When we go from beautifully calming moments of serene bliss comprised of ethereal piano keys, to the complete polar opposite with eruptive heavy metal guitars and bombastic drums catching you off guard entirely. Both elements are two sides of the same coin, completely different but more alike than they would ever imagine. It’s this reason why tracks like TVLEN’s latest drop work so well because, although they’re so different, they manage to find that special something within one another and create a euphonic sound as a result.

Know me starts off with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar with the heart-wrenching vocals of TVLEN gently gliding across the top. We get little synth inflictions here and there that add a bit more character to the piece, allowing the two components to bounce off one another in the unique setting they find themselves in. Then we get the drop. Highly reminiscent of Skrillex with the distorted electronic riffs and warped, other worldly beats, this drop launches you into a new perspective, seeing the single from a jarring angle that’s hard not to fall for. Dubstep could make a much welcomed return if more artist’s expand its horizons like this.