With a music video that is destined to the be the sexual awakening for many fans, HANDSOME has unleashed a glorious piece of queer pop that contains a hook so infectious that you’ll be screaming it out from the rooftops in not time at all. Royal by name and royal by nature, ROYALLY is one part emotional Robyn anthem that you expect to sing whilst crying in the middle of a club, and another part a Betty Who pop anthem that I can see soundtracking many loving moments. The palpable emotion coming from her vocal is sublime, capturing the intensity this love can bring and the strong raft of heartfelt emotions that soon transcend onto the listener, bringing us into the world in the process. The production is wondrous too, keeping this subtle infectious nature with the little electronic flurries featured throughout the verses, slowly building up to the euphoric chorus that feels like a moment of sweet catharsis for all those who belt out, “One more night!”

This is a celebration of self-expression in its most glorious form. HANDSOME has produced a piece of queer pop that will undoubtably appear on countless playlists, played at an unreal amount of events and soon have crowds singing the lyrics back at her word for word. A true pop anthem.