Let them eat cake! Or better yet, let them listen to Cake! because this rapper, producer and all around dynamite musician has produced a laidback piece of chilled out hip hop that’s divine from start to finish. The minimalistic production of ballerina, with glistening synths buoyantly gliding along with an elevator styled melody and spaced out beats, adding to the atmospheric nature of the piece, is the perfect backing for Cake!’s utterly outstanding flow that lets you know exactly where you need to focus. Your attention is drawn straight into their vibrant lyrical display. Each word comes out with an unrivalled amount of charisma that gives them this nuanced edge that’s hard to describe. All I do know is when their characterised flow announces these expressive lyrics, it leaves a long lasting impression that’ll have you listening to this time and time again. Seriously this track has some ridiculously high replay value.

A little over a month ago Cake! dropped their debut album titled koshka and if you’re vibing with this colourful affair then it’s definitely the next project you need to dive into. Another crazy track to add to their stellar discography.