Tha God Fahim is a 26 year old MC/producer from Atlanta, Georgia notable for his affiliation with Griselda Records as well as being 1/3 of the Dump Gawds alongside Mach-Hommy & Your Old Droog. We also can’t ignore the massive discography that he’s managed to build for himself, some of the standouts include Breaking Through tha Van Allen Belts & Dump Assassins. But coming off 4 EPs in the last 3 months with my favorites of the quartet personally being the Camoflauge Monk-produced Dark Shogunn Assassin as well as the Nature Sounds-backed Iron Bull & the Nicholas Craven-produced Dump Gawd: Shot Clock King 4 that literally just fucking came out last week, Fahim’s enlisting Oxnard veteran Oh No behind the boards for his 42nd EP in it’s entirety.

“Da Coldest” is a calmly laced opener with the Dump Gawd talking about being unable to see the game holding him back whereas “Faithful” works in some horns to ask why try if you ain’t even giving your all into it. Droog comes into the picture for the crooning “Cobbler” talking about being the ones that supply the product leading into “Tha Haunted” taking a creepier approach in sound to say those who think can fuck with him got it twisted & all he wants to do is run it up counting bands.

Jay NiCe tags along for “Axe Pain” brings back the horns as they advise it’s better to be a moving target than simply a sitting duck just before “Bladepoint” talks about his exact line of business & playing to win it all. “Art Official” weaves a bare soul loop into the fold as he makes it clear that he ain’t here to play games with cats & to tighten up, but then “Grind Hard” follows it up with a mellow ode to the hustle.

The song “Megachad Rap” goes full-blown boom bap continuing to flex his greatness while the penultimate track “I Show I Prove” returns to drumless territory as he cashes out. “Nightmares” on the other hand truly ends the EP by talking about watching his back because of how petty some people truly are & that he’ll never retire from this music shit over some chilling vocals & synths.

I know I just said a week ago that Shot Clock King 4 is the best EP that Fahim has dropped in 2023 so far, but there’s no question in my mind that Berserko is on the same caliber. And if he’s continuing to drop EPs every month for the rest of the year like how Flee Lord & Papoose both did respectively, then I’m excited to hear what he has to offer next month. His determination is still clear as day & it’s refreshing to hear Oh No production start to finish not only considering it’s been 3 years since A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night dropped, but also how equally as talented as he is compared to his older brother.

Score: 9/10