With booming electronics taking influence from the massive resurgence of Drum N Bass, future house and experimental dance music mixed with a distorted vocal performance, 4cf pulls out all the stops to give an iconically memorable sonic experience today. The 19 year commands your attention with unrivalled confidence in Jade. With an undeniable swagger that’d rival seasoned performer and an honest cadence through his personal lyrical display, that heightens his emotionally charged atmosphere, he’s already shown he’s ready to become hyper pop’s next golden boy. Reminiscent of rouri404 with a dash of glaive’s charisma, the production, which is done by KBL, ebbs and flows with the message he wants to convey. Starting off with a pop punk infused hip hop beat during the off-kilter opening verse before shifting into a chilled out Drum N Bass rhythm during the bridge and finale exploding into a vibrant, technicolour hyper pop dream at the climax. You can’t classify this track as any genre because it breaks the usual conventions from every genre imaginable, forming something with a unique undertone that’s hard to describe and near impossible to label. One listen to his back catalogue and you’ll soon see with every release he tears apart the previous rules he’d written for his sound and started a fresh, creating a varied soundscape that offers something refreshing and distinct every time.

With this release it feels like we’re experiencing a moment. He’s entering a new era where his artistry has reached an entirely new level where he’s able to express himself in ways he couldn’t previously. He’s a wunderkind who’s ready to take the world’s music scene by the scruff of the neck and become your latest obsession.